13 Jul 2015

Smart Sensors - New Technologies for Process Optimisation: 78. NAMUR Annual General Meeting on 05 / 06th November 2015, Bad Neuenahr, Germany

Today, process control is mainly based on the measurement of variables such as flow, level, pressure and temperature as well as analytical parameters. In the interlinked, model- or knowledge-based production and process world of the future, the field sensor remains the basis to gain required information from the process.

NAMUR, in cooperation with the GMA, has already expressed the needs of their member companies with regards to sensors in the Roadmap Process Sensors 2015+, which will be updated this year. The main objectives of the Roadmap include to unite technology and market view, analysis and priorisation of (future) information needs in industrial processes, elaboration of development goals for new sensors, as well as pointing out possible solutions and when to expect their implementation.

To implement this roadmap, a new generation of sensors is required, based on the accumulated application knowledge but technologically significantly different from present sensors: "Smart Sensors - New technologies for process optimisation" is the issue that engages both users and manufacturers of sensors, and is the central theme of the 78th NAMUR Annual General Meeting on 5 / 6th November 2015 in Bad Neuenahr, Germany.

As sponsoring partner, KROHNE was chosen: the supplier of process instrumentation and measurement solutions is actively engaged in the field of smart sensors. In the key note speech, the two managing directors of KROHNE Group, Stephan Neuburger and Michael Rademacher Dubbick, along with Dr. Attila Bilgic, CTO of KROHNE Group, will give an outlook on the process measurement technology of the future: "We are working on smart sensors that, in addition to quantitative, will also make qualitative information available inline/online" said Stephan Neuburger. "In the future, process optimisation will depend even more on the intelligent networking of field devices that, for example, can detect deviations from the model process via a pattern recognition software. Based on current research and development projects, KROHNE will introduce the innovative technologies and associated opportunities that users can expect in the coming years.”

The key note will show how the company is set up to master the future, and how close the company is connected with technology since its inception. "In addition to economic success, our philosophy is key for the stability and longevity of KROHNE," said Michael Rademacher Dubbick, who is also spokesman for the owner family. "I am sure that we will sustainably sharpen the image of KROHNE with this key note."

The NAMUR user-held lectures on the subject smart field devices, asset management and sensor roadmap round up the program in the Thursday morning. The afternoon workshops offer not only in-depth presentations on the innovative technologies by KROHNE, but also a variety of topics from NAMUR working groups, e.g. on the status of CAD/CAE-PLS interface, the study on fire detectors, indicators of resource efficiency, industry 4.0, and emissions trading.

Traditionally, the NAMUR Awards mark the start on Friday. The benefits of NAMUR will consecutively be shown in several lectures. News about automation security will also be presented before theme and sponsor of the NAMUR Annual General Meeting in 2016 are introduced.

The NAMUR Annual General Meeting with KROHNE as a sponsor, with hands-on topics and the strive for innovation as spirit, will inspire the participants: an event in the automation world that must not be missed!

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KROHNE is a global manufacturer and provider of process instrumentation, measurement solutions and services in many industries. Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, KROHNE has over 4,000 employees and offers extensive application knowledge and local contacts for instrumentation projects in over 100 countries. KROHNE stands for innovation and highest product quality and is one of the market leaders in process industry.

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