Pipeline management solutions

  • Comprehensive suite of modules for leak, theft and line break detection, monitoring of tightness and lifetime stress
  • Complete and sensitive protection of oil, gas, water and multiproduct pipelines
  • From single software applications to full packages including instrumentation, cyber security and field data acquisition
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PipePatrol is a leading edge solution for safe and efficient pipeline management. It offers a comprehensive suite of modules for leak, theft and line break detection as well as batch tracking and monitoring of tightness and lifetime stress. Pipeline operators can select single software applications or complete customised solutions.

The unique technology behind PipePatrol can be complemented by a wide range of instruments and field data acquisition systems from KROHNE and partners. PipePatrol interfaces seamlessly with SCADA and other control systems. The pipeline management solutions also comprise the whole project management from consultation to integration and service support done by KROHNE.

Product highlights

PipePatrol offers the following modules:

PipePatrol Leak Detection

  • Pipeline leak detection system for liquids or gases
  • E-RTTM (Extended Real Time Transient Model) based leak detection and localisation
  • Meets API 1130, API 1175, AB 864, German TRFL standards and CSA Z662
  • System is either independent, or can be integrated with existing systems

PipePatrol Theft Detection

  • Dedicated theft pattern recognition for product theft detection
  • Provides alarm and theft reporting via e-mail
  • Includes the KROHNE SynEnergy v3 web-based user interface
  • Delivers a Google Earth® location report to support the field team, enabling swift reactions
  • Additional post theft analysis service offered by KROHNE personnel

PipePatrol Tightness Monitoring

  • Detection of small and gradual leaks
  • Fulfils German requirement TRFL 2017 and VdTÜV Bulletin 1051
  • Continuous and automatic reporting according to regulatory requirements
  • Export of data for further analysis tools
  • Easy retro-fit through variable interface (OPC-Server)

PipePatrol Predictive Modeling

  • Continuous monitoring of pipelines for the occurrence of inadmissible operating conditions
  • Predictive pipeline state simulation based on optional operator process intervention
  • Modular architecture: Installation on any computer in the same network as the service host

PipePatrol Stress Monitoring

  • Provides the base data for the assessment of pipeline ageing to calculate the remaining service life
  • Monitors design pressure violations and load cycles at each measurement point
  • Records pressure cycles to plan for the next integrity check
  • Pressure cycles are counted according to industry standard DIN 45667

PipePatrol Pump Monitoring

  • Monitoring of the essential mechanical, electrical, and hydrodynamic measurement values
  • Minimisation of repair work, thanks to predictive maintenance
  • Minimised operation-related power consumption
  • Increase in system availability through vibration and bearing image analysis
  • Quick parameterisation and diagnosis using integrated touch panel with graphics-capable TFT display

PipePatrol Batch Tracking

  • Batch and interface tracking
  • Estimated time of arrival calculation
  • Interface calculation
  • Slops/pure volume calculation
  • Interface synchronization with other pipeline sensors enables improved predictions

PipePatrol Line Break Detection

  • Pipeline rupture pattern recognition system for automatic emergency shutdown
  • Self-learning feature eases commissioning work on site
  • Can be autonomous or integrated into a complete leak detection system
  • Configuration via local display or by remote access
  • Fail-safe system version available

PipePatrol Data Acquisition

  • Comprehensive transmission options for individual infrastructures
  • Particularly safe communi¬cation, fulfilling the latest safety standards
  • Complete, well coordinated system solutions from a single source

PipePatrol Cyber Security

  • Maximum safety level with stateful inspection firewall and deep packet inspection
  • Easy and secure remote maintenance, thanks to VPN connection and IPsec protocol
  • High performance with a data throughput of up to 99 Mbps
  • Wide range of possible applications: as a compact DIN rail module, in PCI format or as a portable device with USB supply
  • Grows in line with your requirements, thanks to licenses and function extensions

PipePatrol Instrumentation

  • Flowmeters
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Temperature assemblies

PipePatrol Services

  • Consultancy regarding the operation and design of pipelines
  • Support during the certification
  • Manual offline analysis of pipeline processes
  • Seminars and training
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • 24/7 Hotline
  • Post theft analysis
  • Leak testing

Typical applications

  • Crude oil pipelines from oil fields to refineries
  • Multiproduct pipelines from refineries to tank farms
  • Subsea pipelines from FPSO units and platforms
  • Non-continuously operated transport pipelines (e.g. for jet fuel)
  • Water pipelines from desalination plants to cities
  • Natural gas pipelines

Case studies